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I thought about my latest batik fellow…
A wee sparrow
Befuddled & Betwixt… between landings


In comparison with the sparrow,
There seems to be those moments of:
“What’s next?”
“Where will the future take me?”
“How will I survive?”
“When will I know?”

befuddled betwixt

Perhaps after we take those deep breaths, gulping air for stability, we remember that we truly are not in charge. The lessons our home ground taught us will most certainly see us through.

Lessons from the birds:

Respect for land, water, trees, and all living matter who call the earth home.
Never take more than you need (food, resources, etc.)
Don’t dance, play or peer into a raptor nest
Listen more than you talk (chirp) and sing as much as possible.
Always check out your surroundings before perching.
Fly with confidence, soaring to your highest ability.
Create (nests, roosts,etc) with finesse.
Your life is short, soak every morsel of it up.

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