Mystery of Tubac

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Mystery of Tubac

Sacred FallsTubac holds secrets… from long ago. Tubac is aware that the world spins erratically and holds us prisoner if we ride the outside wave. Moving toward the center allows us to clear our minds and breath. Tubac, and many communities like it, provide a haven for artistic people… where we can breath knowing we are unique but ok.

I love Montana… the land is my center, in Tubac there is a center as well. It allows me to center myself much like pottery… the centrifugal  force which causes dizziness is relieved when surrounded by artists. “Welcome Home” is spoke by many here.
Come when you can and leave when you  must is known here. Use of computers….hmmm not always welcome here ( I can live with that).

The one thing missing when I’m in Tubac…my loved ones, my kids, my grandkids….

Huge difficulties for I love them so and the world I live in seems to judge us determined by our outpouring of love and affection…are you a good mom, do you provide what is needed for grandkids?

My own beautiful kids seem to balance all of these notions… They were raised with a great amount of love and wisdom (thank you to Tim and myself). They know that in a heartbeat I will be by their side loving and cheering them on…

Tubac encourages me to be MYSELF… ah yes… me… there is only one Annie and there is only one YOU… Believe my artist friends. How fortunate are we to witness your creativity. Come see me in Tubac. Coming home to Montana in April ..let’s build an artist community! Yes… in Montana!

You heard me … An Artist Community In MONTANA!@!!!!!!

How Awesome!!!!!

Love to you all

Lincoln, Montana Annie Allen02062308

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